Netflix: Search Done Right

Nearly to 2014, it's astonishing how many sites have poor search (I'm looking at you, HP). Netflix has a special challenge since their app is on every device except my toaster. But I noticed on my PS3 the other night that they took yet another step forward.

Joe Morgenstern, in his weekly film review, recommended Bringing up Baby, which we thought we'd check out. Netflix was the first stop, but it's not available to stream. In the past, Netflix would say something about its unavailability and suggest some similar movies, once you typed the whole title. But I got as far as "Bring" before it not only suggested alternatives, but did so for Bring It On, Bringing Down the House  and Bringing up Baby. All nicely segmented.

These are the types of subtle, unheralded UI/UX touches that never get credit for driving/retaining revenue and market cap. But they should, if for no other reason than they're indicative of an organization that understands their customers and products.