Five Secrets of A Great Twitter Presence

As one is wont to do, I tweeted a silly photo of my temporary setup at work, including a very high-tech stand-up desk.

  "Why yes, it is an adjustable-height desk."

"Why yes, it is an adjustable-height desk."

Within about 20 minutes, I got a DM from UpDesk, an adjustable-height desk manufacturer with which I was unfamiliar.

So I checked out their site. I have a very nice adjustable desk at home so I'm not currently in the market, but I DM'd them back, telling them I'll keep them in mind. Their response came two minutes later.

So what can we learn from this brief exchange?

  1. UpDesk monitors not just their own feeds and hashtags but is actively monitoring tweeted terms.
  2. They may or may not have someone dedicated to social media, but someone has been given ownership. Nothing happens if someone's not given responsibility and held accountable.
  3. They speak in a casual, authentic voice. Just from a couple tweets you have little doubt that if you visited their office you'd find a laid back yet professional and non-silly atmosphere.
  4. Conversations and authenticity do a better job selling than "selling" your product. Plenty of other manufacturers would have responded to my first tweet with something along the lines of, "Nice setup! If you ever want to upgrade from cardboard, let us know!" Or if they really lack a soul, "Good for a temp setup, but it looks too low. For true ergonomic benefit, look at our..." But UpDesk is the company I'll remember to tell my friends about.
  5. You don't have to be Oreo to do Twitter right.