Microsoft Licensing Some of GoPro's Patents

Tweet storm of mine this morning:

Lot of articles about Microsoft’s licensing of GoPro patents but not one actually looked at GoPro’s patents. #lazytechjournalists

1/5 Looking through @GoPro patents there are a number that could prove useful for @HoloLens . Here are a few to help #lazytechjournalists

2/5 8,737,803 covers A/V streaming; 8,786,680 for mo-cap using body-mounted cameras; 8,970,726 sensor-to-DSP compression/decompression

3/5 9,025,896 for efficient image compression; 9,113,068 coordinated media capture and aggregation; 9,159,371 forensic video recording (!)

4/5 9,171,577 low-processing-overhead encoding and decoding (probably most useful patent); 9,197,885 auto-alignment of overlapping sensors

5/5 9,253,421 on-chip image sensor data compression…super useful for @HoloLens because it adjusts compression factor based on power avail